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With the phasing out of the Fh 104 Hallore, Siebel put in hand a considerably enlarged development of this aircraft know as the Si-204. This was, in fact, a completely new design having an all-metal structure, a single-spar wing, and a dihedral tailplane with twin fins and rudders. The main undercarriage members retracted backwards into the twin engine nacelles. The aircraft could carry a crew of two and eight passengers and was to fulfill the duties of instrument, radio, radar and navigation training for Luftwaffe crews.

The Si-204A flew for the first time in 1941, powered by two 360 hp Argus As 410 engines and fitted with a stepped cockpit, similar to the Fh 104. In the following year, the Si-204D appeared, with a shorter, fully-glazed, unstepped nose, and powered by two 600 hp Argus As 411 twelve-cylinder engines driving two-bladed propellers with pitch-changing vanes in front of the spinners. Principal production of the Si-204 was done in France, after its surrender to Germany, by the SNCAC concern. Five aircraft, per month, were being produced by the end of 1942.

The Si-204 was a very pleasant aircraft to fly, and its usefulness warranted production to continue after WWII. In the year 1943, production was initiated in the Czech aircraft factories of Aero and CKD Praga. After the war, captured Si 204s flew in a variety of roles in the Soviet Union, including with Aeroflot and TsAGI, but were all quickly phased out of service as local aircraft manufacturing was re-established.


After WWII, production continued from 1945 to 1949, reaching a production of 179 aircraft. The Czechoslovakian designation for the Siebel 204D was the C-3 (Army) and C-103 (civil version). Also, in France, SNCAC continued 48 to build the Si-204A as the NC 702 and the Si-204D as the NC 701. Total post-war production there reached more than 300. Both versions were known by the name MARTINET.

Tech Data:

  • Wingspan: 21,28 m
  • Length: 11,95 m
  • Max Speed: 380 km/h
  • Service ceiling: 7 500 m
  • Range: 890 (1410) km
  • anthony - August 28, 2010 11:13 AM

    Dear Sirs,

    Just bought a model of an Aero C-3a also known as Sieble SI-204 of the CSA before the 2nd World War. Is there a site or any information concenring the colour schema, pictures, etc.

    Your website is magnificant.

    Thansk for all in advance.

    Best reagrds,

    Anthony Leyfeldt

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